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Soothing Touch Massage is a professional massage therapy practice located in the Central Davie area, on Sterling Road, in the Shoppes at Sterling Place

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Welcome to the Soothing Touch Massage
 Are you tense?
 Uncomfortable in your body?
 Suffer from chronic pain daily?
 Have trouble relaxing?
 Most of us don't realize how all our daily mental stresses affect our physical body. If you have had a massage before you probably realize the importance and recognize the effect it has had on your overall life. People that maintain a regular massage schedule report better daily coping abilities and health, not to mention absence of discomfort! What a relief! Studies have shown that massage lowers your blood pressure, helps combat depression, flushes toxins, and boosts your immune system (just to mention a few).
 Soothing Touch Massage is a professional massage therapy practice located in the Central Davie area, on Sterling Road, in the Shoppes at Sterling Place. 
 Soothing Touch Massage has been serving the communities of south Florida for nearly a decade. I am proud to pamper guests from out of town who come to south Florida just to experience the magic and of course the residing residents that are here all year long. Debi with Soothing Touch Massage understands the mind-body-spirit connection, and have treated hundreds of loyal guests to a level of healing and relaxation that rebuilds the self that has been damaged by stress to the body and soul.
 *Also providing mobile massage therapy in the comfort of your home. Serving South Florida and the surrounding cities:  Hollywood, Davie, Cooper City, Plantation and Pembroke pines. 

Massage Sessions:        30 min, 60 min, 90 min
Swedish Massage         $35/$65/$90
Deep Tissue Massage   $40/$70/$95
 Add to your Massage sessions:
 Aromatherapy    $10
 Thermal Palms   $15
 Dry Brushing      $10
 Swedish Massage: The traditional method of massage, loosens tight muscles, soothes sore muscles, and increases circulation.It also promotes relaxation and reduces stress.
 Deep Tissue Massage: Swedish massage with a firmer pressure that works deeply into the muscles and connective tissues to release chronic aches and pains.
 Aromatherapy: Essential oils are introduced through the senses with your massage.This will help to soothe the body, mind and spirit.
 Thermal Palms Massage: The soft alternative to hot stones.With the use of soft hot sacks that provide a continuous source of deeply relaxing penetrating heat to the skin and muscles.
 Dry Brushing: A rhythmic full body dry brushing with a soft brush provides increased circulation, energizes the body while gently sloughing away dead, dry skin. 

 Call Debi for your appointment today!
 (305) 801-7470

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